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Gaylene Callaghan



In 1996, I was given the opportunity to buy shares in PC Rentals Ltd. At the time I didn’t know anything about the IT Industry but it was ok as all the staff, both then and now, are all experts in the field.

In 2005, I bought the remaining shares, making me the sole owner.

Darryl is my son and we work as a team; he on the rental side of the business and I am in administration. Even though our roles are completely different, it all works well.

I am privileged to have a great team of staff working at PC Rentals and they have helped make the company what it is today.

Although some days can be a challenge, I still enjoy my work here at PC Rentals as I've found that there are always solutions to any problem. I really enjoy interacting with our clients who visit us in our office as well as those who I speak with over the phone.

On weekends I love to read, catch up with family, watch TV, take my dog Sam for walks and on Sunday, being a Christian, I enjoy going to Church.

I have a very interesting position at PC Rentals, I’m one of the Directors of the company, and also the Operations Manager. My role consists of many different duties from answering the phone, emails  and sending out quotes. Answering emails from the website, organising the staff, organising weekend work, supplying (or finding) equipment for jobs, entering the rental agreements and returns in the system, doing the invoicing and month end rollovers each month to organising the rental jobs, delivering, installing & collecting equipment, trouble shooting, help desk role, liaising / visiting our clients and buying IT equipment off suppliers.

I’ve always had an interest in Computers, from an early age, with my Atari 2600 Console, then Commodore 64, then a 486 sx33 PC. I completed a CBC (Certificate in Business Computing) in the late 80’s straight out of school, worked as a computer operator at Counties Power, moved to PC Power as a sales Consultant, Star Micronics as a Sales Coordinator and a quick stint back at PC Power but joining PC Rentals in Jan 1997.

I enjoy my role as everyday is different, some days are great and some not so. One day I can be stuck behind a desk and the next driving to Hamilton, Rotorua or even Napier for jobs.

When I’m not at work, things are rather busy, my wife and I had a baby boy in October and he (Henry) takes up some time. I also have a 6 year old son and when we aren’t playing on the trampoline, riding bikes, playing soccer or cricket, you will find me outside washing the cars, the windows, moving the lawns and doing gardening (I love weed killing). When my jobs are done, I enjoy riding my bike, hanging out with friends, and being a computer geek. Our house is wireless for everything, when the kids are in bed I enjoy sitting down and watching TV, movies or playing games on my PC or Xbox.

Darryl Callaghan

Darryl Callaghan

James Merrett
Operations Manager


My job involves setting up IT equipment at shows and exhibitions, which ranges from LCDs to laptops, printers and PCs. It also involves communicating with clients, taking their orders, preparing them and installing them. My job can vary from day to day depending on the client’s needs.

Before I started working for PC Rentals, I was helping them with their installations a few times a year for their large exhibition shows. When a position became available at our Auckland branch, I was offered a full time position.

I enjoy my role as it involves travel, being quite physical and not stuck behind a desk.

I enjoy spending my free time playing sports, mainly rugby and tennis. My hobbies also include running and hanging out with friends.


Shane Ali

Wellington Branch Manager


I am in charge of customer service, providing quotes, technical assistance, assembling and disassembling Audio Visual equipment as well as computer hardware installation.

As the manager of the Wellington branch, my role is quite varied. I am in charge of customer service, providing quotes, technical assistance, assembling and disassembling Audio Visual equipment as well as computer hardware installation.

I enjoy what I do because it gives me a sense of responsibility. No day is ever the same and I get to visit different places and meet new people

I enjoy being healthy and active – but when I am not, you can find me in the movies or enjoying my favourite PC games


My day to day work includes quotations, setup of computers, audio visual great, networks and everything in between. I also provide technical support when it's needed.

I’ve always loved working  and playing around with Computers, After I realised I had a knack for them it was a natural progression to work with them for a living.

I really enjoy this role because I not only get to spend time in the office getting gear ready, but I also get to travel around Canterbury installing and troubleshooting gear. With all the travel involved in my role, I get to meet new people almost daily, which is what I love to do.

When I'm not at work, I spend my time working out, snowboarding, and of course spending time with my lovely wife. Being an IT guy, playing PC and playstation games come as second nature, only after I've helped clean the house of course.

Nick Hall

Christchurch Branch Manager




Hi, I’m Sam, I enjoy going to work.

The role I’ve been given is to sit upstairs on our couch and greet everyone who comes to visit us.

I enjoy going for long walks and playing fetch with my toys.


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